Best kept secrets....

Best kept secrets....
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wreck It Ralph!

So I have a friend who works for Disney in LA and is the assistant animator for them.  While visiting him in August, I got to learn a little about what he does and how much time he just put in into this wonderful animation.  He ended up getting me super excited about going seeing this and boy am I happy I did!

I know I am not your typical gamer, but this I knew was going to bring me back to the good ol' days.  Watching the movie trailer was a great sneak peek into just some of the characters I would be seeing. 

In Wreck-It Ralph there is a video game called Fix-It Felix Jr. The villain of the game, Ralph, is always being overlooked by the hero of the game, Fix-It Felix. Due to this, Ralph decides to look for a game where he can be the hero for once.  This story I know appeals to many, and watching the characters in this wonderful fresh animation was just the icing on the cake.  This is definitely a recommendation to get off that couch and go see this movie!  Open your heart and enjoy this wonderful animation!  Also if you can, spend a little and see it in 3D :)
Your welcome!

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